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As a pool or spa owner, you know that there’s a lot to take care of and remember. You need to test and balance the water, keep the filter and baskets clean, vacuum the debris, and that’s just the basics.

With one of our Advanced SmartScan Kits, Insta-LINK® HOME gives you everything you need to make maintaining your pool or spa less of a chore so you can spend more time swimming and less time maintaining.

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Insta-LINK HOME® Subscription Features

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Water Testing and Step-by-Step Treatments

Enter your water test results into Insta-LINK® HOME or photo-scan a test strip with the free app and the program for tailored, step-by-step dosage and treatment recommendations to balance your pool or spa water. 

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Test History and Graphs

Log into the website to view all water test history. Results are automatically saved and trends can be seen in graphs of every water quality parameter.

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Smartphone Test Strip Scanner

With the Insta-LINK® HOME app for Apple® iPhone® and Android® devices, your smartphone becomes a test strip scanner. Just dip a test strip, scan it using the camera on your phone, then get treatment recommendations within seconds, all in the palm of your hand.

SmartScan in Action
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24/7 Access Anywhere to your Pool & Spa Details

At the store and forgot the names of the chemicals you use? Can't remember your pump make, model, or age? Dealer wants to know your pool volume? No problem! Access this information from your smartphone or any internet connected device.

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Scheduled Reminders

Set up reminders for yourself, such as when to shock, replace your filter, or just test your water.  Reminders are scheduled through the website and can be  emailed to you so they get your attention!

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Problem Solver

Cloudy water? Green water? Not sure what to do? Consult the "Problem Solver" on the website.

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Link to your Dealer

For a truly personalized experience, link your Insta-LINK® HOME account with your local pool or spa dealer for dosage advice in the actual branded chemicals you use and to share test results and questions with your dealer.

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A Test Strip Scanner in your Pocket!

With the Insta-LINK® HOME mobile app for Apple® iPhone® and Android® devices, you get more than just Insta-LINK® HOME, you get a test strip scanner in your pocket!


Step 1: Dip

Insta-LINK Step 1: DIP

Step 2: Scan

Insta-LINK Step 2: SCAN

Step 3: Treat

Insta-LINK Step 3: Treat

Dip a supported Insta-LINK® Strip into your pool or spa water.

Place the strip on the SmartScan® Card and take a picture using the camera on your smartphone and get results

With an Insta-LINK subscription, get personalized, step-by-step treatment recommendations in seconds directly on your phone.

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How Does it Work?

Download the Insta-Link® HOME app from either the Google Play or the Apple® app store for free.  With the app, you can use the camera on your smartphone to take a picture of a supported Insta-LINK® strip.  The image is then processed by our powerful color-matching software in the cloud via the internet. This allows us to determine the readings of the test strip and whether or not those readings are within the proper range.


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Subscription Benefits

As an Insta-LINK® HOME subscriber, you will also get step-by-step treatment recommendations directly on your mobile device.  Our recommendation engine calculates the proper dosages to treat your pool or spa based on the volume and the readings from the test strip.  These treatment recommendations appear directly on your phone within seconds of taking the picture.

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The SmartScan® Card

In order to ensure that the colors of your test strips are properly evaluated, a SmartScan® Card is provided in each SmartScan® kit and is required for proper photo-scanning of test strips.  After dipping the test strip in the water, place it on the SmartScan® Card.  Within the app, a target will appear to help you align the card and the strip within the frame.  On the SmartScan® Card are several shades of colors.  This helps our color matching software properly identify the reaction of the test strip pads regardless of the camera-phone you are using and light conditions.

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Get the App Today

Get the FREE Insta-LINK® HOME app for your Apple® iPhone or Android® Device today and start photo-scanning your test strip pool side!

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Setting up Your Insta-LINK® Account


Insta-LINK® Photo Scan Testing Tutorial



Get Started with an Advanced SmartScan® Kit

The Insta-LINK® 5 Advanced SmartScan® Kit comes with everything you need to start using Insta-LINK® HOME on your PC or with your smartphone. It unlocks all of the advanced features of Insta-LINK® HOME, such as personalized treatment recommendations, test history, and more. This kit includes:

  • 25 – count bottle of Insta-LINK® 5-way test strips.  These strips are specifically formulated for use with the Insta-LINK® HOME mobile app.

  • SmartScan® Card, to ensure your test strips scans are as accurate as possible.

  • Account Activation PIN,  a special code is included in every SmartScan® Advanced 5 Kit that activates a one year account with Insta-LINK® HOME.

  • Pick up an Advanced SmartScan® Kit from your local retailer.

SmartScan Advanced Kit